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Dream Clean Sunshine Coast

Services Explained

We are a professional cleaning team servicing the Sunshine Coast region. Cleaning services focus on just that: improving an area’s cleanliness.  

What We Do

When our Dream Clean Sunshine Coast team are engaged to clean any property we do just that!

We don’t provide a wipe over, we undertake a full sanitised event leaving any home ready to be enjoyed.

Our main focus on cleaning is to make the home ready for anyone’s inspection! We can offer window cleaning, full oven cleaning and even arrange for your upholstery and carpets to be cleaned for those extra special events.  Recently introduced is our garden care services to enhance the property for the full effect of a well maintained home.

Other Key Info about Dream Clean Sunshine Coast cleaning team:

We often get asked: could you just pop some washing in, fold our clothes, change the sheets, tidy up after the children etc unfortunately not…

Our cleaning services focus on just that: improving an area’s cleanliness, whereas housekeeping also involves tidying up and washing etc.  We provide high quality cleaning services.

However, Dream Clean is available to service your Airbnb which has the inclusions of bed making, tidying and leaving luxury items to make anyone’s stay relaxing and inviting.  This is done within departure and arrival times or back to backs as we call them which can be as little as a 2 hour window (pre-booking required).

Clean modern kitchen

Domestic Cleaners in Sunshine Coast

Whenever you need residential cleaning, our professional cleaners can offer a helping hand. We know people are often busy with work and children to look after, so why not take a break and leave the mundane chores to us? Be it mopping, dusting, scrubbing or vacuuming, our professional cleaners are the right people for every cleaning task. Whether you need a one-off “Sparkle Clean” or our “ Dream Clean” service, our specialists are happy to help.



End Of Tenancy Cleans - Focussed on Quality

Our professional end of tenancy cleaning team follow strict company procedures and checklists to ensure you receive the highest level of service. Our Dream Cleaning quality processes ensures our professional cleaning team adhere to our high standards at all times; it has been devised after years of practical experience. Thus we are able to deep clean any house / unit and impress your landlord or real estate agent. 

Some key things to note:


We make sure that we exert professional and excellent cleaning service to your bedrooms, leaving them clean, tidy and elegant.


Our cleaners make sure you can prepare, cook and enjoy your meals in a spotless kitchen.


A place in your home that deserves a lot of energy and time to keep clean and spotless. Our teams work with that in mind and deliver high-quality cleaning results.

Common Areas

Areas such as hallways and staircases take their fair load of dirt and dust from heavy everyday use, so we pay special attention to these areas to make sure they are completely clean and shining by the time we leave.

House Clearing and Cleaning

We understand that it can be an incredibly difficult time when a loved one passes away, and often, the last thing you’ll want to do is start clearing out their house.

Highest level

Please be advised that we will spot clean and wash painted walls. However despite every effort we cannot guarantee all marks will be removed. 

Also our end of tenancy cleaning service doesn’t include cleaning the property’s exterior like gardens and garages or balconies.

End of tenancy cleaning requires your property to be completely empty before our team moves in to clean it. The reason being it can prevent the professional cleaning.

In case it is impossible for your Unit/House to be emptied please ensure that you store your possessions together in the garage.

Our service warranty is valid for 72 hours after the cleaning is done. 

Sparkle Clean Package

Total Cost of Sparkle Package:
inc gst
(We recommend this service for the initial visit and from once every 3-4 weeks thereafter)

Dream Clean Package

To include all the Sparkle Package plus:

Total Cost of Dream Package:
inc gst
(We recommend this service for the initial visit and from once every 3 months thereafter)

Window Cleaning Package

To clean all interior/exterior windows where reachable inc tracks and flyscreens

Total Cost of Windows Package:
inc gst
(Highly recommend once every 3-6 months)

Carpet Cleaning Package

To thoroughly clean your carpets with hot water extraction

Starts from:

We are now accepting Afterpay for our bond cleans

Terms are:

Any bond over $600 may use the Afterpay facility providing you are an Afterpay customer.

The client must state at time of enquiry stage if Afterpay is their preferred form of pay.

Payment must be made one day prior to the cleaning service at our office on the Sunshine Coast or at the clients premise ( this arrangement will be made at time of booking.

We also now take credit card payments via Square.
This however incurs a 2.2% fee at time of transaction.

Some Before and Afters

Here’s a bit of a sneak peak of some before and after’s to give you an idea of the amazing results we can achieve. 



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