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Dream Clean Sunshine Coast

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about us? You’ll find answers here! If you have any further questions, call us.


Clean tidy modern dining room

Yes, you can. If you book oven cleaning + another of our services, you get a discounted price. A lot of our clients prefer to combine the clean-up of their oven with a Sparkle Clean package but you can add any other of our services, and you will still get a reduction of the price.

No. The appliance should be turned off and cold when the oven cleaner arrives.
Yes, we provide everything necessary for an impeccable oven cleaning job.

Simply click the ‘Enquire Now’ link and fill out the form, call or email us. Our customer service team will contact you the same business day confirming the reservation.

Cleaning services focus on just that: improving an area’s cleanliness, whereas housekeeping also includes tidying up.

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